Founded in the summer of 2012, we started playing field hockey as a group of friends who knew each other from student life and the LGBT community. Some of us were familiar with playing field hockey, others weren’t. But that didn’t matter because the main goal was to have fun and to just have another reason to get together on Monday evenings (and maybe to get a bit fitter eventually). We never thought it would turn into this life changing journey with amazing experiences and many new friends throughout Europe in a community called PinkHockey.

Nowadays, most of us aren’t students anymore but we still live in Amsterdam and we still love to play hockey on a casual basis – with team members’ ages ranging roughly from 25 to 40 years nowadays. The Babygays have represented The Netherlands as a young & new generation among the international LGBT PinkHockey community for eight consecutive seasons now! Over 45 individuals have worn the infamous Babygays jersey in tournaments and matches to date – from ex-Hoofdklasse players to total beginners and everything in between.

Discover more about our history at Our Story.

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